Sorry for this newb lame ass question, but......

Is there any harm done putting a bass guitar through a normal amp?

YESS OMFG YES. it blows the speaker. The other way around is ok, it sounds like sh*t but is ok. Don't do that.... unless you wanna buy a new amp.
What if you have a 12 inch speaker? And you turn down the lows?

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What if you have a 12 inch speaker? And you turn down the lows?

size of the speaker doesnt matter because its still not built to handle a bass
Thanks, there goes that thought then!

As an extra complication, i`ve a Valvetronix Amp 12"speaker - 1 model says it was based on the Fender Bassman, should i presume that a bass through this model will still hurt the speaker???
I have a question I dont think it will but just incase will it hurt my amp turning the bass all the way up and playing loudly lol
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if it was based on the fender bassman then it could very well be a bass speaker, but check out the model online and make sure first.