Hey guys. I am a pretty decent fingerpicker. Pretty much ever since I have started, that is all I have been doing.

I would like to start getting into strumming- what are some good songs to start on?

My main problem right now is beats. I have a tough time getting the hang of it. But if you could reccommend some songs that aren't impossible, I'd appreciate it.

The Fiction We Live - From Autumn To Ashes
Autumns Monolugue - From Autumn To Ashes

same song, two different versions
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Lifehouse - You and Me
Parokya Ni Edgar - One and Only You
Howie Day - Collide

those are some pretty simple ones

oh and Edwin McCain - I'll Be

combination of fingerpicking and strumming.

good luck
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Your favorite songs would be the best. Just find a book with them in it. Many show strum patterns and the chords.

Shouldn't take you long since you are already fingerpicking.
Daugthers - John Mayer
St Patricks Day - John Mayer
Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band
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