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'Cause why the **** not?

Anyways, this band is good I think. They aren't like brain-numbing good, but they definately embody some of the only things that are still good in music. Some of the other stuff incorporated isn't that good.

They have a Triac feel to them.

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Thanks for the link. They're decent, and remind me of Converge.

After looking closely at the reviews on the page, I see that their new album was produced by Kurt Ballou No wonder they reminded me of them.
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They're also on Deathwish... might be an even bigger factor, hah.
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great band
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Haven't heard of before now and I'm pretty much hooked.
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Whoops. Just found this thread. Great band. I've had Call Me Armageddon on my computer for a few years. No clue how I got it. But Im glad I did! haha
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