I'm a semi-experienced guitarist and i was wondering whether a Gibson LP "Signture Series" is a good guitar. I have always wanted a Les Paul but didn't want to spend a thousand plus dollard on one. This one is ony two hundred and says it's a Gibson brand guitar and comes with a Gibson warranty and looks exactly like a standrd Les Paul. Is this the real deal or not worth my time?
heck dude just get an epiphone les paul those are sweet especially in a nice silverburst. the signature series...is it that thing in the box? if so, those are like beginner guitars so it really depends on your experience and commitment to guitar.
on a scale of one to ten regarding quality and authenticity the signature series is about a 3 and an epiphone is about a 6. its mid range awesomeness however they are a little pricey, 400-ish maybe think about a "jay turser" les paul those are pretty nice. google it. i played one and they have a real nice fast neck and nice frets.
Have you always wanted a true les paul? Or would you settle for a copy? The Gibson you are reffering to is basically a squier, :nono If you are interested in just the shape, aka a copy, look into a brand called "eastwood". I have an eastwood les paul copy, and I actually like it better than any gibson that I have played (granted I have only played 5, but they were all les pauls!).

agile brand at rondomusic.net is also something to look into. i got an lp copy from them several years ago and have zero complaints with it.