Hah watch this video of him playing Tender Surrender. I think its kind of funny how he acts when performing. It looks like hes bangin a chick or on the verge of an orgasm.

But don't get me wrong, Steve Vai is an afu*kingmazing guitarist, and I couldn't do what he does even in my dreams, I just thought his stage antics were amusing.

"Tender Surrender"
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Whats a Steve Vai? Floyd Rose ripoff?

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Lol I see what you mean, atleast hes feeling his music though.. Better than him standing there still like a stooge..
I do that.

Its fun.

EDIT: i normally dont like shred....and i thought that was awesome
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Hahahaha. Man, he looked like he was nailing the heck out of that invisible chick!
yeah maybe just a bit too much emotion....

emotion is great and all, but he had a screwed up face the whole video and it sorta made it look like he was faking it...

great song though.
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it sorta made it look like he was faking it...

I thought the opposite. I'm pretty sure he had a boner hidden behind his guitar lol.
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He's Steve Vai, he can spank a horse on stage if he wants to.

Pun Intended.

LOL, heck yea.

Vai is kick ass. learned that song a few months ago, its amazingly fun to play. The song itself kind of does that to you though. He knows how to make an awesome song, the climax was bad ass.

P.S. Does anyone else think the initial riff sounds a lot like Vilinova Junction? was it a tribute? or homage to Hendrix? either way its amazing.