I'm a beginner at guitar as of right now, and I have a decent guitar for the money, but I have no good amp to play it on. I have an Ibanez GRG170DX, I play metal (so I prevent a discussion on this later). I wanted a nice amp with not too many effects or anything else like that, but with some good sounding distortion. I was looking at some Marshall amps, because I heard they were the way to go with amps. The trouble is, I only have around 200 dollars to spend and I can't wait to get an amp because I need something to practice on that doesn't sound all faded out like my brother's old Crate Bass Amp. Any considerations?
Don't even think about looking at Marshall in that range, that would be an MG which are horrible.

Go for either a Vox Valvetronix or a Roland Cube. They have built in effects, but are MILES better than any other SS amps in that price range.
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i agree get a vox, you can just get a small one becuase your probably not gonna do any gigs at this point
For practicing metal at bedroom levels, get a Roland Microcube for $125.
Look up the Roland Cube 20 / 30 and the Vox Valvetronix XL series.
Get a Roland Cube 30 if you can. They are ideal for playing metal.
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i have a Crate GT65, and for a beginner amp, i find it's really good, especially if you're just jaming by yourself, it's 65 watts, has 3 channels-clean, rhythm, and solo, the new ones are called something different now tho, and instead of just a reverd, it has reverb and 2 others
i paid $300(CAD)+tax for mine
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