that can really do it all. Or at least come close. I'm really hoping that there is a Marshall that can do blues, hard rock, thrash metal, classical/ neoclassical, classic rock and shred. And the reason for it "having" to be a Marshall is because I really like the Marshall crunch and OD. Any help is really appreciated. BTW if im coming off as a douche bag sorry I'm not trying to.
He doesn't seem to care about cash, he just want the best amp for versatility. And since it is the Marshall sound he wants in it, it has to be a Marshall.
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what about oranges?

Have you ever played a real good ole Marshall?
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my mum is a retard
what about oranges?

Oranges are great amps. If it dosnt have to be a Marshall then look into one of these
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I was gonna say that.

I haven't tried one out though.

Only seen the Marshall demo.
To be honest mate, I'd look into getting an Orange Rocker. They can do that Marshall crunch a damn site better than most modern Marshall's. Also, the problem with getting an older Plexi or something is that the crunch comes from a cranked Plexi...which is totally impractical.
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I fyou can afford it, then the JVM
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jvm, maybe, but for everything there are still amps i'd prefer... engl se, bogner xtc, etc.
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I have the TSL100 and find it is very versatile. Alot of people here don't care for them much, but I love the amp. Try it out see what you think. Also the JVM is pretty awesome.
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JCM 800. It's very easy to get a Master of Puppets tone with an OD and attenuator or even Pantera stuff. Also does hard rock and blues very well, not tried a neoclassic shred tone on it though.
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The Jvm is possibly the most versitile marshall!

Its not too badly priced either (If your in england of course)