i have a head that pumps 120w at 4 ohms into a 8ohms cab so im kinda cuting my self off at the knees.... the head has one output my cab has to plug holes it says input and points to both.... why does it need two? is one in the other out i have some pics of a similar model i found on ebay


I was thinking of useing an old cab i have with 2 12 fender speakers that are 8 ohms and 75 w a piece . i need to assemble it its parts are laying around... tell me what i can do to get all my 120w out of this... shoudl i get a spliter at the base of the amp and go to each cab? or one cable to the cab with 2 jacks and so and so? give me help here.
You want to get all 120 watts out of it?

Just wire the speakers up in parrallel and hey presto 4 ohms. You only need to use one output as well
you have a SS amp so the ohms will not hurt it,4 ohms is the minimum you can go
another words if you give the amp a 2 ohm load you will blow it,if you daisy chain
2 8 ohm cabs together,it will be 4 ohms,you do not want to go lower,so you want 2
8 ohm 412's so you have a full stack
i looked at the wires inside of it and the wires were hooked up diff from what i would have though like 2 speakers i belive had 3 red wires in it and no black wires and one had 3 black wires and no red the other two had red and black

how would i wire that? ur saying just use the one cab right>