30 minutes upload time for a 5.5 minute film is standard for me too...i think thats just how it is

some cameras like the Sonys dont like any software but the one that comes with the cam....it will be all messed up without it.
so ill put it into movie maker after loading from the cam to desktop with the sony software and save it as an WMV file which can be loaded to youtube.
Is the video cam old?
You can buy a new one or send it for repair although repairs normally cost more than a new one.

First try a cleaning tape...it will clean the recording and playback heads
amazon and best buy online have them

Saw its a digital still cam just now
They never work great for video mode....not even my kodak does well at that.

go buy a new video camera made for video recording.

before buying, check reviews on cnet.
heres your cam review...5 of 10...

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