Well the ones with a trem probably wouldn't suit that
And i'd probably say the neck/woods wouldn't suit it either

For like "raw" power i'd probably go for some les paul studio-alike which is solid enough in it's sound etc
Just dont get a Gio/GAX thing, I just borrowed my girlfriends and it sucks ass.
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offspring use ibanez
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1) It's totally suitable for punk, most of the punk tone will come from the EQ'ing on the amp in my opinion.

2) Gio Ibanez's don't suck. I've got a GRG, have put some handwound pups in it and it sounds great now, for a guitar that has cost me £280, it sure as hell doesn't owe me anything.
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^ i dont tik all gios suck, or that they suck at all.... its just that i have a floyd rose trem that i will never use and its a pain in the ass.... ( all thanks to a stupid guy....)
not every guitar can play punk..
and what amp are u gonna be using for punk?
and what type of punk are u going for?