Alright I was gonna go with the Alexi-600 but i dunno

I play metal
Ironmaiden - Megadeth-CoB- deicide- Death-, stuff like that

24 frets (extra jumbo)
Floyd is optional dont really need it
Fast neck
Budget is $1500
And I'll take amp reccomendations too
Nothing over 30 watts
and up to $1000
I would go for a Schecter c-1 Hellraiser for the guitar, take your pick with or without an OFR.

As for an amp, theres no Metal amps that have 30 watts, the smallest you would be looking is the Peavy XXX which is 40 if im not mistaken, i recommend that. If you don't mind having 50 watts then i recommend used Peavy 5150.
Perhaps A Schecter C-1 FR, well under your budget but I personally love them. No doubt someone will give you a better option.

As for an amp Peavey XXX 40w combo? Yeah I know, 40w but they're awesome amps.

I don't know, I'm not very good at suggestions for your type of music.

EDIT: wow, coincidence? ^^
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I bought a limited-run Jackson SL2H at Sam Ash for, like, $1000, with 24 frets, OFR, dual humbuckers and all that good stuff. I love it.

However, not to be biased, here's some other ideas:
LTD V-500
LTD M or MH-1000
ESP M-II (Bolt or Thru, I think the Thru costs about $1700)
ESP Eclipse
ESP Viper
Ibanez RG1570 (with new pickups of course)
Ibanez S2170
Ibanez JS1000
Ibanez RGA121
Jackson RR24
Jackson RR5
Jackson Kevin Bonds
Jackson Christian Olde Wolbers 6 (or 7)
Washburn Nuno N4
Wahburn x50pro
Fender American Deluxe Fat Strat
Fender American Deluxe Tele HH
Fender American Special Mahogany HSS Strat

As for amps, I'm going to ignore the 30-watt restriction. Why? Because there's this thing called a volume knob. YOU TURN IT DOWN.
Randall RM50
Randall V2
Randall T2
Randall RH150 + cab package
Krank Rev Jr. (I don't like Krank but you might, and it's cheap enough)
Soldano Astroverb
Peavey 6505
Marshall DSL401
Thank you for not being a retard danno13
appreciate the reccomendations.

Edit: I Really like the SL2H But sadly I live in canada and I don't think Sam ash ships to canada
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