what should i play? im at a kinda beginner/intermediate level (closer to intermediate) and im not really sure where to start, i've read the thread on solo's for beginners but i find it kinda overwhelming coz people suggest so many songs, so i'd like to know what the first solo you guys learnt (first solo ever that is) is.
first solo i ever learnt was million miles away by the offspring. pretty damn simple. or what happend to you by the offspring aswell, thats quite a good solo to learn
First solo I ever learnt was Be Yourself by Audioslave. Insanely easy, and cool, except I dont have a wah-wah. Rats.
thanks keep em coming!
a few metal wouldnt hurt either (not that i dont like the suggestions already)

no jus kiddin... =P

try teen spirit by nirvana - thats quite easy
Solo from "Vultures" by The Offspring, it's kinda easy. Also small classical solo from Metallica's "One" (it's about 3:10 of the song) is fairly easy.

EDIT: One solo is easy without the fast legato parts, but you should learn how to do them sooner or later, so why don't start it now?
The first solo I learned was More Than A Feeling as well! The solo for American Psycho by Treble Charger and Stacey's Mom by Fountains of Wayne were close seconds though.
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learn the solo of nothing else matters....easy and short and cause its from metallica its ****ing awsome as well!
the beginning solo from Fade To Black, simple and sounds great
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