well.. they are both good but masterclass is really good i would choose masterclass
I've been thinking about signing up for the masterclass, Kris may have a few detuned strings in his brain but he's a nice dude and a great guitarrist.

Edit: And he teaches you how to get manymanymanymanymanymany VOMAN
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Next Level Guitar by far. The other site has quick lessons taht aren't very helpful and don't explain much. Next Level Guitar is extremely easy to understand and most of the lessons are 10 to 20 minutes and explain everything perfectly. You won't be disappointed i you get next level.
you're on ultimate guitar.com dude. the only resource you will ever need!

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^That prety much says it all^

Plus it's free
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i'd go with nextlevelguitar myself...
kristofer dahl is kinda funny... but it does get a little annoying after a while
nextlevelguitar is a bit more clearer and presise?
anyway... don't take my veiw too seriously
i've only really seen vids of the lessons on youtube and UG
I was following Dave Taub very closely because I like his delivery. I know they had many videos on YouTube and I was really jazzed about it but one day, they all but disappeared.

It seems Dave was contacted about copyrights and such so he had to remove the artist specific content. I know they are working through the copyrights issue and I hope they get it resolved.

for some reason i think i like the swede better. he doesnt waste time saying stupid stuff, and theres nothing written down beside the video, anyway!

and sad to say, i think im going to sign up for guitarmasterclass.