Alright I wasn't sure wether to put this here or in the songwriting section, so I'll try please inform if this is not in the right place.

I need some help on song structuring, I play in a metal band and we have around 10 or so songs which are all great however I have recently been hooked on Jim Steinman's style of structuring songs particularly Bat Out of Hell, I want to be able to write a song like that, which has loads of dynamics and tempo changes however everytime I try it just sounds mechanical and doesn't flow that, well can anyone help me out?
So your asking how to include dynamic interest in your song?

Play louder for the more powerful parts and softer for the ballad-like parts. Thats what I would do. Dynamic interest is all up to you.
[U]        | |                     [/U]
[U]        |/     .-.              [/U]
[U]       /|_     `-’       |      [/U]
[U]      //| \      |       |      [/U]
[U]     | \|_ |     |     .-|      [/U]
      *-|-*    (_)     `-’