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I gave mine away.

I am a generous god.

I learned the first few songs on it, but I outgrew the quality. I decided to give it away to someone starting out, where it would have some purpose.
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I still have it, in all it's sh!tty goodness. Think it'll just gather dust to be honest. I've just repainted it.

Want to build a Jackson, to be fairly freaking honest.

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I kept my first acoustic, just got it on a stand down-stairs so if I get the urge to play for a bit im right.
I sold my first electric to my brother, but looks like im going to get that back cos he's switching to bass cos he's primarily a singer and cant sing too well while playing chords.
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I still own and use my first electric guitar and I'm not going to sell it. It's a decent one (Yamaha Pacifica 112J) that I modded to my taste. And I doubt anyone would sell it because my surname is on the pickguard à la SRV (http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/6494/untitled1eb5.jpg)
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I still play my first guitar (it's an acoustic) every now and then because it's pretty ok quality. I'd definately sell my first electric. It's a piece of **** and I don't think I've played it in a good two years.
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I still have mine and its called jess

(no joke)

I reckon I'll give it a way to someone worthy of continuing the ways of metal...
Mark G makes some sence in saying that it could help new guitarists. BUT WHAT IF IT ENDS UP BEING WORTH ALOT?
My sisters got mine on what i guess is a permenant loan. I can get it back whenever, but I dont have a use for it now Plus its only fair, seeing as she bought my Les Paul for me!
Still got mine.

Only electric I own atm. Its a prototype washburn strat-style thing, that never went into production as far as I know. I got it off a guy who owned a big musical retail chain for very little, as it was sent out to him free.

Although, the electronics are starting to go, the neck is getting worn, ect. Time for a new guitar, I think.

I wont sell the washburn though.
i sitll have my first guitar even though its a wreck, it still plays & works!

my first bass however.
i smashed up
i cant remeber what my reason was
but god was it fun!! (it was a piece of crap with a neck the size of a tree)
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I did

I was desperate for cash last Christmas and I didn't know where to get any money from.

I wanted to buy it back from the place I sold it, but they've got rid of it now

It was only a crappy Encore electro-acoustic but it had a certain sentimentality attached to it.
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i would never sell my first guitar but i would still use it when i want something other then a metal sound..lol
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my first guitar (which was acoustic) i'll probably keep because it sounds very nice for what i paid (AU$300 which is like US$240ish).
My first and currently only electric is a 80s japanese custom telecaster which probably won't drop in value (who knows might even be worth more than what i paid someday) so i certainly won't be selling it in the near future. Even if i bought a new electric i'd get a les paul style or an archtop so i'd want to keep the telecaster for some variety.
I don't think so..
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I wouldn't, but that's because it's worth so little, I doubt anyone would actually buy it.
i traded my first guitar for a better model, the first one was a standard acoustic the next one had pickups
umm I dont know I would probably give it away but not right now since im still using my sexy ibanez its not to much of crap especially what I payed for it but im getting another soon
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Its not like mine would sell for much, i'd probably sell it to a beginner though, it'd be nice thinking someone else is learning guitar on my old one...
There is no way in hell that I would sell my first guitar (a 59' strat in perfect condition) because I don't need the money and am rich.

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Psh. I can can play fleshlight acoustically.

Mine(herbie) is very badly damaged as a result of too many close encounters with fire. However I will never get rid of it.
still have my $50 acoustic i bought from kmart, sits in a gig bag

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No way in hell i would kill b4 it leaves my sight. Me and my dad built it together

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I don't think so..
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I wish I had a guitar that would go down on me.
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tis some pretty intresting, I have nearly read (masturbated) to all the articles on Wiki.

I still own and use my first electric guitar, a PRS SE EG with stop tail bridge. It was a cheap $200 guitar. Most members at another board suggested I start with a cheap guitar incase I found I didn't like playing bu i'm still playing after a year now and so I will be upgrading to something with a whammy bar and humbuckers.

I'm looking into the Ibanez guitars mostly.

In the end, my first guitar will be sold to someone beginning guitar.
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its a piece of sh*t strat copy, beaten up to hell, with the only pickup at the bridge, a terrible bridge and dodgy electrics. i would never sell it, for sentimental reasons
I'd never sell my first guitar - because my sister smashed it to pieces after stealing it and bringing it outside.

I still have my first electric though, and I'm keeping the piece of ****.
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I would.. but I need to own a guitar for school/my band. So.. yeah, but only if I was garuenteed a new one.
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Only if I really needed the money.

Like in School Of Rock when Jack Black is trying to sell his Gibson SG over the phone.
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I never have, and never will sell any of my guitars
They are my family

EDIT: also, if you are planning on getting rid of your old piece of **** guitars donate the to "THE GUITAR ORPHANAGE" run by me
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no. It's worth nothing (maybe £30 at MOST) and if I ever get a better one, I'd like to buy weird guitar parts and make a new guitar using it as the base.
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