its not the finest but what the heck

Gibson LP Studio
Bc Rich KFK Wartribe one
custom Fernandes strat
(i have burnt it and put a gibson p-90 pickup and a gøldo vibrato on it)

Marshall jcm 2000 - dsl 401


Boss DD-6
Boss Ds-1
Boss CE-20
Original Crybaby Wah
EHX Big Muff
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Parker Nitefly with SD Hotrails and JB Two Tone

Marshall dsl 401

Boss DD-6
EHX Big Muff
7/10. Not a rig I'd want to use myself, but it's pretty damn good nonetheless.
Call me Callum

Current gear - 06 MIM Strat, '02 Epiphone Les Paul, Peavey Rockingham, Tanglewood TF8, BLACKSTAR★ HT-5 Combo, EHX Holy Grail, Boss DS-1, Arion SFL-1

Newcastle (and Port Vale)