Yeah so guys i need some help, I've had my starting amp for a while (Fender frontman 15w) and was looking to get my hands on a better practice amp soon.

Problem is I'm not 'on the ball' with this, so I came here looking for advice.

What would be a good practice amp to have a look at which is good for general rock,punk and metal, within the price range of about £200-£400 max?
You can have my valveking for £200 if you want it - might have to pay for shipping not sure how much itll be - im in uni so i kinda need the cash and all i need now is a 15 watt valvetronix

You could either try a dsl or maybe smaller modellings amp like the cubes and the valvetronixs
i would try a vox valvetronix or roland cube, i've got a micro cube and it's an awesome practice amp
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