Poll: Laney LC30 or VC30?
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Laney LC30
4 27%
Laney VC30
11 73%
Voters: 15.

I was looking at these too amps as they are relatively inexpensive and have apparently great cleans. Just wondering whats the difference between these too in terms of clean and distorted sounds, and which one you prefer?
I have not tried either, but the way it seems to go by people on here is that the LC is more modern and has slightly more gain, but the VC sounds more vintage and 'better'.

Apparantly they're very very versatile (('m wanting to try this out myself ))
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^lol thanks, sorry about that, so shall i just write in the thread this question?
Laney thread, they're both versatile amps, but I prefer the VC, seeing as it's more vintage. The VC's cleans are Voxy, and the gain was made for blues and classic rock. The LC has Fendery cleans, and the gain is more modern, and has more gain than the VC.
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THere's a bit of info on the differences in the FAW anyway, generally the VC is prefered and considered the better sounding amp, but they're still voiced totally different.
yeh, i was more geared to the vc as i prefer the voxy jangle to fender sparkle. i just wonder that i could get some heavier rythm sounds with a decent overdrive pedal like a fulltone ocd, and with some gain on the amp? sorry this should be int the laney thread but now that im here :s
^yeah you easily could!

The LC is a more modern voiced amp compared to the VC. Both good, just different sounding!
^ thanks, so with a decent od, i can have a great rock rythm/lead sound as well as a great clean tone, for about £450?
i know its a bit of a given but dont make your mind up untill you have tried both, i thought i would get a vc according to information everyone gave here but after i went and tried them out i just preferred the lc.