For a career class, i'm doing this "ghosting" thing (At least I think that's what it's called O.o)
It's basicly when I follow some guy at his job around all day and annoy the hell out of him with questions. Anyways, since I'm close to the NYC area, I decided Columbia records or maybe another record company might be good for me, but I can't find the official titles of the jobs they have there.

So anyone out there know any interesting job titles for record companies?
Oh noes!
Quote by Deliriumbassist
Master of the Photocopier.

Not as attractive as Master of the Facsimile Machine, but you don't want to overshoot.

Nice...oh and the pay needs to be over 40,000...not that I'm picky but thats the requirements.
Oh noes!
i did work experience at shock records down here in melbourne Australia.

Get ready for cd burning dutys and meaniial tasks, with low pay and long hours, yep thats the music industry business for you