when using the gt8 with the 4cm is the pre amp of my amplifier bypassed with the loop turned off or on.. im really struggling to get a good tone from this method.
also which amp would you recomend that has a series fx loop as my marshall dsl401 has a paralell fx loop.

cheers all
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I have a GT8 and I use the 4 cable method coz I also have a marshall. I have only just worked it out coz I've only been using the 4cm for about a week or so. Heres what you need to do to be able to have both the sound of the amplifier, and the preamp of the gt8 seperatly.

1. you need to have the cables set in the right way. This is how they go:

Guitar---> Boss GT8 guitar input
Boss GT8 FX loop send---> amplifier front input (not the fx loop in at the back of the amp!!!)
Amp FX send--->GT8 FX loop return
Boss GT8 Main out (left/mono speaker output)--->amp FX loop return

2. Now that you have the cables the right way round, you can now concentrate on the sounds and how to get them. Firstly, the fx loop. This needs to be set up right. You want to have the mode set to normal loop. The other settings add a acoustic sound to the music you play when you use the FX loop, so normal setting is best.

3. The FX chain. If you want to use the fx of the GT8 with the sound of your amp, then you need to go into the FX chain and move the FX loop right to the end of the chain (furthest right/closest to the speaker) this allows you to add distortion, delay, wah and all sorts to the sound of your amp. Refer to the manual if you get stuck on the fx chain.

4. Most importantly, you want the FX loop to be on when the preamp is off. I have a special patch called "Higain/marshall" It's patch 4, bank 1. This is my amp patch. I have it set up so when i turn to it, the preamp of the GT8 is off and the FX loop is on, so it goes straight to the amp sound, and then i can add distortion if i want, which is great.

There are the four steps to fully using 4CM with the GT8. By the way, I'm running it through a Marshall MG100HDFX and MG412A cab. Which is an awsome amp in itself.

Just as a end note, you want to make sure the volume level for the GT8 isn't to hight and the FX mix on the amp is set right, so both the amp and the GT8 patchs sound about the same for loudness.

Thats all I got to say really. Hope it's helped you out. If you have any problems, just reply to this and I will answer.

Cioa for now
The answer to your first question is yes. I use a pseudo 4CM setup. I have a Hafler T3 preamp in the loop of the GT-8. As soon as I get my loop switch box built I'll add distortion pedals in a loop separate from the T3. The output goes to my Vjr for listening and the SPDIF to my computer for recording. This is the best sounding setup I've had to date.

You should be able to get it to work.
Quote by acdcrock2000
By the way, I'm running it through a Marshall MG100HDFX and MG412A cab. Which is an awsome amp in itself.

you were doing so well up until there....
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what you trying to say about my amp??? If i had the money, I'd of got the marshall vintage modern instead.
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