The World Has Been Defined
A Playground For Evil
So Why Not Embrace It
Why Resist It
Take It For All It Has
And Then Watch Yourself Bleed
(end Of Spoken)


I Want The Blood Poured Out For Redemption
I Want The Cries That Roam In Hell
If The World Cant Take What They Have
I'll Take It All Away
Like A Bloody Dagger Stealing Lives
Of An "innocent World"

Taking The Pills And Falling Away
Into A Black ****ing Hatred Of A God That Betray
His Own Son And His Own Creation
And Love For Blackness Of A Dawn
That Comes Without The Sun
Another Binge Another Fight Against Their Own Ones

Walking Through A Corridor
In The Gateway Of Sin
Another Murderous Occasion
Drown The Innocent In The Best Gin
And Make Wine Of The Finest Blood
For Not All Is Equal In The Eternal Flood

Reconsile Wih Your Fears
Drown Them All In The Tears
Sacrifice For Silence
And Pray The Plague Never Reaches Here
For The Best For Coming Is So Near
Bleed Out All Your Regrets And
Redeem Your Own Self
Before Its To Late

One Blade Of Grass Represents Eternal Pain
One Ray Of Light Will Blind You
But One Flame On Its Own
Is All That Can Save You

Find My Personal Belief!
But One Flame On Its Own
Is All That Can Save You Now

And Forever More At That

Every hour on the hour..they drew blood