I know that this is in the wrong forum and I'm risking a warning for bringing this here, but it's pretty urgent and I haven't had an answer in the Electric Guitar forum yet. I've copied and pasted this from that thread, I'll delete this as soon as i've had an answer.

So, you may have seen my thread yesterday on raising my string gauge from .9s to .11s on my Strat. For the most part it went ok, i.e. they haven't snapped yet.

But there are a few minor problems, such as the neck or tuning pegs making a clicking noise when I tighten the strings (Which I have to do, because they won't stay in tune). I'm guessing this is the truss rod, any advice with this?

Plus, this may just be me being paranoid but I tightened the springs for the bridge and the bridge still seems high, about 4 or 5mm above the body.

Is it safe to continue and tune her up, or will I have to do any more pissery with it?

Thanks a lot.
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