Where have you gone?
You disappeared in the fog.
Are you trying to erase your dear?
Leave her in the daze, yet to be cleared?

Don’t bother to think about her.
Go ahead, forget your love
She saved you, vowed to remember
Only you lose and forget her.

Where have you gone?
Your love’s been waiting at her door.
Arms open, teary eyed
Wanting you to stand at her side

{Instrumental interlude}

But where, where have you gone?
Vanishing into the haze.
Daring her to forget
Lacing her tears with regret

Don’t bother to think about her.
Let her think you’re dead.
Sell her to the tabloids
Rid her of her only joy


But where, where would you go?
If she heeded your dare?
If she surrendered to the pain?
Forgotten you in her vain?

Ohhh oh…I’m still waiting…

I'm still new to the whole song writing thing, but I wrote this in like an hour on the bus.
Oh noes!
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Nice job, I really like the Chorus and bridge.

Constructive Criticism:
- possibly another take out the 2nd "fog" in the first verse and replace it, just a suggestion
Uggh, the second fog was a damned typo...i really hate those >.<
Daze is supposed to be there
Oh noes!