Hi to all UG Community..I'm new n been learning n playing
my electric guitar all alone...i only knows de basic chords
n not so good in reading de tab..scaling? how to find a good sound
i mean...what kind of pedals should i used for jaming session rite now
i'm using Darelectro(Fab Tone)...i need advise on what other choices of pedals
i should use...thanx
If you like a bright sound, the BOSS OD-1 is great. They have sound clips on their site.

Everyone finds their own sound after a while anyway. I'd say that you should make sure that you feel that you're a fairly good player before finding that ideal tone.
well if your fairly new at playing, truely the way it "sounds" comes strait from how you play your instrument, you get tone from your pedals and efx. if you are new i advise you to play a little longer and start to solo and stuff before you go out and buy a bagillion pedals for efx.

Pedals at the beginning is a common mistake. Don't go mad. Also, play clean, whenever you practice don't use distortion. Most beginners hide horrible mistakes and bad technique behind distortion.