Since I don't feel like copying each tutorial manually but I still think that these tutorials need more recognition and they're all very helpful I hope it's okay that I just post the link. I did not write these however someone I know pretty well did. Enjoy!

http://musical-frogs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1406 METAL GUITAR SERIES

Hope these help!
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wow the series is amazing there is so much stuff to do
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Thanks bud, but what was it that I did? I really have no idea what you are talking about.
No doubt bout that. I only don't like the way it mixes trivial with complete beginner's lessons and highly advanced lessons. The advanced lessons are good, though.
I find some of the tutorials to be pretty lacking/ignorant.

For example, for his tone lesson, he pretty much tells you mids = horrible, whereas it is the mids that allow you to cut through and keeps you out of your bass players tonal range. I understand a scooped-mid sound works well for some guitar players and some styles of metal, but for most it just creates a muddy and boomy sound.

His technique lessons could have been a bit more in-depth as well.

Overall they're decent, I'ma send them to my guitarist later.

edit - he also promotes anchoring with the pinky, which is pretty bad technique IMO.
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I just looked at 3 of them, and alot of it was just wrong.

He says never to have more than 1 stompbox and he thinks that whammy bars are not the same as tremolo bars