put some sort of tape around it?
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umm idk how exactly to help you but i had a hard time with barre chords too, first you need to calas the side of your index finger a bt so it doesnt hurt to press down a barre , and if it still does then your action is probably too high and when making a barre try to use the side of your index finger as much as possible, it works better.
mine's similar. i play barre chords just fine. you don't use the exact 90 degree side of your finger. it's somewhere between the side and bottom that your finger goes. the only way it'll work is practice.
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Try to find a position that works for you. First of all, start off at around the 5th fret because the 1st fret is harder to do without dulling any strings. Now, don't make a barre chord just yet. Roll your index finger around and move it up and down to find something that works for you. I have an over-sized middle knuckle. I don't know why, but it's bigger than it's supposed to be. I learned to use a certain area of my index finer after a few days of practice so I don't sull any strings. You will dull strings at first, that's unavoidable. You'll get it right though, it just takes some practice.
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There's guitarists out there missing fingers who can still rip, missing arms even and they play with their feet! So I'm sure over time you'll figure out some tricks on playing on your own because only you know what/how you can do things. Good luck though, you'll just have to expiriment I guess.
my right index finger is messed up too since i was 5
more like at the tip
pain in the ass with alternate picking