i want to know what you think about dirtfingers (pickups in case you dont know)

1. what other pick up should i get with it?

2.should i get any more hardware to help make it cleaner or is it fine?

3.Im running a epiphone les paul and an sg (both epi)..standard les paul and a g-400 sg

4.Also right now i have a pair seymore duncan jazz (bridge) and distortion (neck) pick ups i got from a set pack.

5.Do you think i should get active pick up instead.(emgs)

6.other comments?
i wanted dirty fingers in my V at first, ive heard really good things about them. EMGs would be good too, and personally thats what id go with just cause theyre active. but i havent heard anything bad about the dirty fingers.
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I'd play a guitar with Dirty Fingers in it first, to get an idea of how it sounds.

EMGs are alright, but really overused/overrated. I haven't been able to get much tonal variety out of them, although you might have better luck.

I recommend the Gibson 496R and 500T. Nice hot, sweet, fat tone from the 496, and a wonderful classic rock tone from the 500 that lots of classic rock guitarists would kill for.

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my friend has a dirty fingers in his SG and I hate the way it sounds. The best description i can think of is it sounds hoggish.

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dirty fingers are the best pickups ever, if you want to get rid of that...*hoggish* sound you roll of the volume. theyre very tone and volume sensitve, you dont just plug them in and go for it like emgz. i had a guitar with a dirty finger in the bridge and neck and i loved the way it sounded.
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