Parkwood 310M-$300-500
Martin D-15 Custom $800-1100 (pretty much any Martin from their up)
I hear Blueridge is a good way to go if you like the Martin Sound at a lower price.

The sound of plywood guitars is getting better all the time. Some you can't tell any difference from the solid woods.
I got a Tanglewood TN15 NS, solid spruce top solid mahogony back and sides. I love it. I paid £299 in Dawsons, RRP is £350.
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What price range are you looking in? We could name great solid wood guitars till the cows come home but if there not in your price range there's not much point.
Alvarez owns in the $600-$1000 segment.
I've heard some mixed things about the parkwoods. The 310M is an absolute bargain at the price, but only if you get a good example. Apparently they can be abit inconsistent in the quality areas.
If your in Australia or New Zealand and looking for an entry into the solid wood section look no further than Maton and Cole Clark.

If your spending top dollar then look straight towards Martin and Taylor, or a luthier made one if you have that much cash, dunno why you would spend 4k on a Taylor when you could get a custom made guitar from a luthier.

Also someone mentioned Tanglewood, havent played one, but on paper they look fantastic, and I have heard lots of good things about them, unlike the parkwood which you hear about being good, but only if you geta good one, which snt the default...

We do need some mroe info though, and then we can get more specific in advice.
Well lets say the budgets around £400-500, full acoustic, for: folk, blues, bluegrass and rock.

The tanglewoods are sounding pretty good.
Blueridges are definitely worth the time to check out. I'd take a stab at Epiphone Masterbilts as well. Washburn has some decent solid wood acoustics.