I wonder if anyone heard of Perry Bible Fellowship comics

Here are a few

My Spanish Hearts
Wow you discovered it all by yourself? Have you notified the authorities yet?

Older than hell, but a fantastic comic
Diezel, Motherfucker
I kind of laughed at the last one. It was pretty good

My Youtube Page

I wrote this story so many days ago
and the words kept falling onto pages.
Without the loss we can't go on
and with the loss we became strong.

Ctrl+Alt+Del wins at web comics.
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no wai. Cyanide and Happiness FTW.

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Wow you just made us all look retarded for not suggesting that...

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I can use Google.
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Ctrl+Alt+Del is the most mind-numbing, cliched, recycled excuse for a webcomic I have ever had the displeasure of reading.

PBF is good. Check out these also if you get the time:
Dinosaur Comics
A Softer World

You know a lot of Crtl+Alt+Del is tongue-in-cheek, right? Hell, you'd only have to read the first strip ever made to realise that.

You're welcome to your opinion, I just don't agree. I think it's a brilliant gaming comic.
Proud owner of an Engl Thunder 50 Reverb and an Ibanez S470

"The end is extremely fucking nigh..."
The only web comics I read are Questionable Content and White Ninja.

I might check out the ones mentioned here.
My favourite webcomic is the grim DotCom

It's a real cool/funny story, but you need to read the whole thing, its time-consuming
The grim-reaper is making a dotcom, so the internet won't mess up if people die.

The first couple:

It goes on from there... funny stuff
And what is more, there's been a bloody purple nose and some bloody purple clothes that were messing up the lobby floor. It's just apartment house rules so all you 'partment fools remember : one man's ceiling is another man's floor.
^ DUDE!! I just ****ing saw that again and I could not stop laughing! I love that one so much! nothing, and I mean NOTHING can beat that!

Luff you
No no no, 8-bit theatre ftw alll the way.

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im a huge fan of the perry bible fellowship comics...
all of them have weird twists, especially atlantis, it sends chills down my spine
I see no sign of fortress.