So i have been thinking for the past month or so about what guitar i should get.
I would say the music style I like to Play is grindcore, death metal, and hardcore.
I have narrowed it down to schecter c1 hellraiser with 81 85 active emg pickups, or esp ltd ec-1000 with 81 60 active emg pickups.

Please help me decide by posting your opinion and why you say that.
either way youd be getting a great guitar, but id say schecter
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yeah i have been told that schecter is better for my style and cheaper but i have been told it has a thick neck and the esp has nicer tone
yeah, what joey said

They're both GREAT guitars
It really just comes down to what you think looks awesome-er

EDIT: yeah, it does have a thin neck, but it's that way for the shredding

You can't get very good access up past the 17th fret or so on the ESP

don't get a crate amp...just
don't dude
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both excellent guitars i'd go with the esp only because i have the vintage black eclipse standard and it truly is awesome i have and had ltd's they are great guitars
yeah esp's ec-1000 is the best of that model, so it definately has a roaring tone, with a beautiful neck, and its made for metal
I gotta say the ESP. One, I personally prefer ESP. Also The ESP has a 60 in the neck which is a little better for neck pickup tones(you know cleans, some leads). I gotta go with the ESP. Besides A7X uses Schecter. That oughta be enough to dissuade you right there. LOL
yeah i played the 2004 model of the esp yestereday and i loved it, but the schecter is ment more for gorecore and grindcore so i may just stick with it, also im using is with a jsx 2000 watt half stack if that helps
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I'd go with the ESP. The EMG 60 is better for cleans than the 85. But personally, I'd get something with Duncans because they tend to be better all around and more versatile.
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