I'm about to get WoW, (I'm not going to say what it is, because I'm sure anyone who reads this will know what it is) and I'm stuck.

I've never played it before, and all my friends are offline on AIM, so I need some help.

About to Make my first character, so I need to decide Race and Class.

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I agree. So best Horde Race and Class available. I have a few friends who are going to make Horde Characters, so if you're really bored and have nothing better to do, help us all. What's the best Conbination, and What's the best combination of Combinations? (So If I'm a Blood Elf Rogue, What's the best ____ to go with me?)

Thanks for any help?!
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Obviously we should play the UG theme.

Well you can make as many characters as you want so just experiment with loads of different combinations, i'm more an alliance man myself, which is why my main is a night elf hunter! however i do like the blood elves.
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Save your money, WoW isn't worth it.


Don't get too addicted

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Yeah, I thought this was going to be about help with a WoW addiction. Intervention style

In about a month, he'll create one of these threads. Don't worry about that.
Dont play it from the start. listen to me; you'll thank me later. i am an addict and i regret that i started playing
dude, WoW takes a part of your soul, then makes you pay $14.99 a month to keep it alive

i've been clean for about a year now, and i could never recommend anyone go through what i did.
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Thanks anyways.

Undead Rogue, Seems Metal Enough.

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Obviously we should play the UG theme.

WoW breaks up families.
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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But seriously. it's really easy to get addicted, and well, you can easily say goodbye to your life.
i always got owned by undead preists i think, anything with DOTs will just kick your ass. but honestly the game got boring and i quit. but yea if you wanna kick some ass, preist.
Diablo ****ing sucks im sorry Battle net is so laggy i cant even play the game anymore i just lag out and end up dying and then cursing because it sucks so bad. and all you ever do is repeat the same 5 acts over and over and over and over.... then you get to do meph runs till your blue in the face..fun
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Diablo Ftw!
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Well, if you're gonna tank or PvP as a warrior, go with a Tauren or an Orc, +5% hp on Tauren and +some percent of stun resistance as an Orc.

Troll hunters/rogues are the best cause of Frenzy, and imp. hp regen.

Blood elves make really good healing priests (consume magic/spirit tap) and good mages/locks.

Undead make the best shadow priests, cause of devouring plague.

Alliance ftw though!
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I have a 70 Undead warrior. Haven't played since July, but we'll see if I start again when the next expansion comes out.

I would recommend a Tauren warrior/druid or Undead priest/mage/rogue/lock, or you could go with an Orc warrior. Undead aren't the best warrior class, but are lots of fun.

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Obviously we should play the UG theme.

I play on a private server, and it's so damn boring. How people get addicted to it, I don't know. Maybe the real server is better? Anyway, I won't spend that much on a game.
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DO NOT PLAY WoW!!! I agree that its lots of fun and anyone who says it sucks should piss off, but it is way too addictive and a total waste of time.
Do not start playing WoW.... I was addicted to it for more than 2 years, untill I met my girlfriend.... we broke up, but I didn't restart playing it. Life is better without WoW, trust me.
I spend my WoW-time nowadays to practice guitar, which I do find better to spend my time at.

I am my ex-gf still thankfull she took me off WoW.... seriously.
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Gotta agree with everyone else on how addictive WoW is.

I used to play, Human Paladin. Got up to a level 47 and then one day just got bored with the game. Went to Iron Forge, stripped down and sold every thing in my bags. Gave the gold to my friend who is a lvl70 Rogue and have not played since. This was two months ago. Shortly after I started playing the guitar again after not playing for close to 15 years.

So yeah..cliff notes.
WoW addictive
Better things to do (play guitar)

Not preaching, just play in moderation if you are going to start playing.