ok, i'm getting a custom guitar body made by a freind of a friend of mine, and i'm gonna put a normal fender 25.5 scale 9.5 radius maple strat neck on it but i don't know what kind of trem to put on it. i wanted to put what isaac brock has on his but i can't find out what it is, so

I was thinking about getting either
-tremking -kahler -Floyd Rose.
but there's probably something better for me i haven't thought of.

But i've heard things about them all,

the floyd rose absoloutly needs a locking nut and is hard to go from subtle to dive bombs and it's time consuming and tedious to change strings, ajust action and tension. but is supposed to stay in tune the best

the kahler goes out of tune when you bend strings and doesn't go back untill you dive bomb, , but you don't carve all the way through your body.

the trem king is really touchy, and doesn't stay in tune as well as the floyd rose. and i've heard positive and negitive things about how it only bends the ringing strings.

I don't play any metal though, i play a cross between blues and alternative. like 45% modest mouse 25% buddy guy and 30% Nirvana. so distortion alot of wavytrem use and divebombs, but alot of bending i the solos. can you please help me.
and sorry about such a long post.
You need a locking nut for a Kahler, too. I have no clue where you heard that it goes out of tune when you bend it and only returns when you dive bomb; on any floating bridge the non-bent strings go out of tune when you bend, but return as you unbend.

The trem king looks interesting; I've never heard of it before. I could see it as one of those things where you either love it or hate it.

The original FR-type is going to be the most expensive, about $40-100 more depending on the brand you get.

For what you're after (more subtle stuff, not miles of pullup) the Kahler is probably best.
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StepMax: A newbe to the market for sure (and ugly as hell ). The verdict is out about this system, I have yet to hear a virtuoso level guitarist use this system. Its main claim to fame is the ability to retrofit the trem without any routing. Most guitarists really do care how their trems look, and this thing is ANYTHING but sexy. For now, I would avoid this until they streamline their design.

Kahler: The problem with this system is the string cam system. Even with locking tuners/locking nut you will have 'slack string feed' problems on the bridge which causes some string tension to vary when going crazy with bends or double stops (thus putting it out of tune). I HATE having to do a dive to put the guitar back in tune. There are some very good vids by dmometalguitar showing the strengths/weakness' of the system compared to Floyds.

Floyd Rose: The main complaint with the Floyd is its restringing and set up. If you put the time into learning the system, its actually more reliable then a hard tail in gig setting. There is a way to string the system to where you can do a re-string in under a minute. Additionally, when you change strings, you learn tricks that minimize the pain and suffering most go through. In my opinion, the Floyd systems are not very ergonomic. I much prefer the Edge Pro 3 that Ibanez offers which have the same mechanics as the floyd.

Ibanez 'Zero Resistance' Tremolo: Up until lately, my very favorite system. The ZR system incorporates the Ibanez backstop with the Floyd in an innovative ball bearing type pivot system. Its a little stiffer then a floyd, but you can drop tune on the fly (without the other strings coming out of tune.. this goes for breaking strings also). Its just as rugged, if not more so then the original floyd due to not relying on a blade/pin type pivoting system. This system has three types, the ZR 1, 2 and 3. Each successive model is an improvement to its predecessor. The ZR3 is only available on the high end Ibanez Prestige guitars.

Tremking: Best thing since sliced bread. I only know of one guitar maker that is including this system stock (Taranaki Guitars). Some routing is required to retrofit the system onto vintage strat trem guitars (the TK2 requires much more routing and is made for Telecasters). However this trem is VERY smooth but doesn't have the pivot range of the Ibanez ZR and Floyd Rose systems. As of this writing, their is not a Tremking model that will fit into a Floyd routed guitar. Additionally, this system is plagued with tension slack (see Kahler writeup) due to the lack of locking nut. Yeah yeah, locking tuners and a graphite nut 'help', but you will still go out a tune a cent or two if your not careful. Still, a GREAT system. With a locking nut and introduction of a 'bevel cam' that will allow for more aggressive pulls, this will be the system to beat.