ok heres my problem, i jammed my finger insulating a room im remodeling, i got what the dr called mallet finger my left ring finger ( fretting hand ) was bent down and sideways at the 1st joint, anyways i have to wear a splint for 4 weeks and i cant play its killing me to not be able to play, i was wondering if it would be wrong to play without that finger chords only cant play any riffs or lead without, but i was trying to use my pinky in its place or would this throw me off when i get the splint off, sorry so long
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try and put it off, playing guitar with a splint on your finger could do more harm than good

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ok thanks guys youre right but this really really sucks
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at first i thouht it says "insulting" i was like wtf? but yeah dont push it
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I broke my thumb doing Judo, it was my strumming hand but meant i couldn't hold a pick. in the end i did a acoustic thing by playing with the back of my nails on my fingers (I couldn't move them because of the splint so it could only play downstrokes and mainly strum with some finger plucking) But it didn't stop our band recording a track in a music studio and on the day my splint came off i played at a gig. However the song was pretty messed up because i tried playing the song with a pick even though i wrotet it with a splint on.
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