I got this amp repaired by Peavey 2months ago, since it kept cutting out after 10-20 minutes play. Now i got it repaired by Peavey and it was working fine till today. When i turn the amp on and turn up loud enough for practice , it cuts in with a high pitched squeeling noise, which doesn't go away when i turn the volume off my guitar. Have to turn it onto standby to get it to go away..These amps are terrible for reliability so I'm going to try for a refund from the shop. I bought the amp in January it shouldn't be having so many problems! If that fails, then it'l be sent to Peavey for another repair....Any idea's with whats wrong with it ?
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That's pre amp tubes by the sound of it

I thought there meant to go after like 3 years of use?
I have a spare new working pre amp valve lying about, but i'm going to try for a refund. If that doesn't work then i guess trial and error switching with the working valve. Then if that fails, send it back for repair.
yeah, definitely sounds like a microphonic preamp tube if it's doing it even with the volume on the guitar off. Preamp tubes usually last a while, but any tube can go any time, just like a lightbulb. It's the same technology really.
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tubes could go at any time really, could be 3 weeks or 3 years. I heard that valve kings are made with pretty cheap components, they sound decent but you have to baby them. Never owned one though.
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Sounds like a Peavey Valve Joker to me

? Joker? I'd laugh but this situation is certainly a punch in the nuts for me. I'd feel guilty about selling the thing one Ebay, for some innocent guitarist to get it, then for it to die on them a month later. The only good thing, is if i get rid of it, i can look forward to getting an ENGL or Laney instead.
Meh, check your tubes first....I'm sorry, sounds like you just got a pile of crap in the bunch. I've never had a problem with my Valveking for 6 months now, and I beat the hell out of that thing (its on the road) and crank it every night...its a fairly decent amp for the price. Any success with getting it to work yet?
i have one
gigged it,
works fine
great amp
i have had one problem
it was at a house party though
so i dunno what went down,
but first song of the set
my amp shuts off
then after a chorus and verse it come back
and is fine the whole nite.

i still dunno what happened
It doesn't matter what amp you have
Tubes can go anytime
It happened to me with my valveking and recently again with my Laney VC30

It's just an inherent downside to tubes
Just get new tubes man, im actually really looking forward to hearing what my valveking sounds like with good tubes.. not that I dont like it now, think its coolbeans lol
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I tried replacing the pre amp tubes with a new one, swapping them with a working brand new one. Still had the problem so it's getting sent back to Peavey. I noticed that when i tapped the first preamp , it make a noise through the speakers, which didn't happen with the rest, so i replaced it and it still had the problem, could be a loose socket. Stupid Peavey and there cheaply made china amps.