Hey Guys,

Im Kreap, ive been playing for a year now and ive been teaching myself basically and.. Of course... I Suck.. I've Been playing a RG3021 IBanez 7 String in a whole step down ( like korn, And cradle of filth... except cradle plays a 6 string)

I Want to learn things that will help me write Dark, and heavy songs
I Read a post on here saying to play minor interval and 1,3 and 5ths and i dont even no what the hell all that is... I want to know a list of **** i should learn in order for me to get better. id like to be able to know what note im playing. id like to be able to create a solo.. id like to be able to learn all those hard core metal techniques.. even if i dont plan on using them.

If i havent confused you and you arnt flaming me by now. Ive been trying to teach myself with guides the communitee have written but i dont know if im going to far ahead or what.. the only technique i have down that i read about is String Skipping, which took me like an hours practice to nail..
everything i write.. i compose.. either sounds punk, sucks... or is already made or sounds to similar to a band i like..

And since UG is basically my teacher, and i have to figure out what i think i want to learn.. its hard cause i often skip ahead.. like the sub forums.. advance technique.. it says in its description.. want to learn how to make 4 fingers sound like 10? i want to no what i need to learn.. things that will lead me up to that..
Just so you know, the word "hardcore" is not permitted anywhere on the forums in UG except to let someone know it isn't allowed. xD

But just keep practicing and explore different kinds of music. I, for example, somehow stumbled upon Melodic Death Metal and Children of Bodom. They introduced me to so many techniques I didn't know even existed.

Different genres = Different techniques. Different techniques = Different ways to practice. Different ways to practice = Knowing more techniques and being considered a better player.

EDIT: A great way to explore new music is the "Metal Recommendation Thread". Get there by going to the metal forums and it's stickied right at the top.
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Sorry bout that bro.. Its used a lot in my vocabulary.. like dude.. and.. Wicked..

I Will look into those bands.

Its just its alot harder to figure out how to become better. when you have no one to learn from.. i only took like lessons from septamber of last year to december, so january to september of this year its been self taught and i feel like every hour ive practiced is wasted. Maybe a List of Good bands from diffrent metal Genres will help me study, ontop of those guides with legato and sweep picking (which i just cant get the hang of!)
keep practicing and look up on theory and reading music, those are things that really help with ideas and stuff, listen to some joe satriani lessons and paul gilbert lessons on youtube on rhythm and modes and those will give you ideas of what to use and some good scales, also look up melodic minor and harmonic minor modes as i understand they are used alot in metal. the harmonic minor scale in itself is a good place to start.