no no no, dont do it, its stupid
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Arnt the first few things anyone learns on a guitar is

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It's a terrible idea for a hundred reasons.

Just accept that acoustic strings are for the best, for the good of your sound and your guitar.

Electric strings will not make it any easier either.
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A friend of mine tried it before; there will be very bad fret buzz and the tone is terrible. It will however be slightly easier to play but it's not worth it.
im with rankles

if you want your acoustic to be easyer to play, pactice more, reduce string tension, lower action, use lighter strings. the sound will be **** but it will get easyer to play.

it wont be any easyer using electric strings because the only difference is the tensions/gauges.

get a set of phosphor bronze 10s on it and it will sound good and be easy enough to play
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Go for it. I've done it and I'm happy with the results. I got the idea from someone who has been playing for 20+ years, so it's not like it's such an esoteric thing to do.
i did it when i first started playing guitar,i used to put ernieball 9s on my acoustic,it didnt sounds to bad until i put real acoustic strings on it

i'll never go back to electric strings again