I want Pearly Gates, but they're so expensive. How does the sound of the golden age (vintage) pickups compare to pearly gates? Or how are the stewmac pups in general?

Could you please post sound clips of the golden ages? or pearlys, or alnico IIs?

Superb pickups for the price, worth every penny IMO. I bought a set of the vintage ones a fews months ago for the hell of it and I liked them quite a bit.

I decided to try them in my Epi LP which already had a set of Duncan 59's in them. Compared to the '59 the Golden Age pickups have more of a punchy midrange. In the top end they pack a little more treble too, but they never got harsh on me at all, it kind of has that "sweet" trebliness to it. I really liked the neck with clean tones, it had that glassy warm sound

In the end I preferred the '59 to them, but not by much to be honest. I'm not sure how they would match up to the PG or Alnico II though. I know the Alnico II is pretty low output which would make the Golden Age pickup seem like an animal
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why are you selling them, and where do you live?

Well I pretty much have no use for them now. I prefer the 59's in my Epi, and my next guitar will most likely be a Tele... so yeah they would just be laying around. I live in Pennsylvania.

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Oh it would appear that you are selling a whole lot on here... I believe its you I recently bought a trem from.

It's only my second time selling something
The Golden Ages are two conductor, so you have the option of coil split. All the Seymour Duncans you mentioned, and the '59 are available with 4 conductor wiring.
Have you considered going used? I'm sure you could get a set of Duncans for cheap on eBay or something.
^True. Attempt to stay away from the GFS humbuckers. They're not that great.
Try going used.
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