At least, I hope it comes across as epic. I'm not too sure about the main solo. The lyrics and vocal melody are placeholders until something better comes along, I guess, but I'm really proud of this one - I spent a lot of time on it.

I like the theme behind it. The feeling is nice. But, I hate to say it, but there are alot of mistakes. The solo has a large number of notes out of key. The piano parts were nice, I enjoyed them.

But I think you should go back and fix a few things. Maybe if you didn't notice the "out-of-key" notes you should look into theory a bit and then go back and fix it up...

One thing that is really unacceptable are the uncompleted/red measures. You hafta learn how to fix those. Not trying to bash you or anything, but that really is bad.

I did like the overall feeling of the song though. Just a few things that need touching up.

Also, I didn't really like the choir in the intro. They were far too loud...I would turn that down...

Plz don't take offense from any of this. I really don't mean to be a douche if I came off as that. I'm just trying to help you out and show you the likes and dislikes.


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I like the song, it has a nice flow to it. Plus, I'm totally feeling the Muse influence, which is a good thing .
Critting as I listen:
- The preverse is pretty well-crafted. I like the build-up.
- Chorus - I dig the arpeggios
- Transition - nice, creative riff
- Bridge - Piano part is nice
- Solo 1st part - a few out-of-key notes, kinda throws the flow off
- Solo 2nd part - the piano part seems a bit repetitive with the chord progression you use. Specifically, I think the D#Maj chord is overused. Maybe if you try to vary it up some more, it'll turn out a little better.
- The transition out of the solo to the verse is again very good.

Overall I'd give it 8/10, disregarding all the incompleted measures already mentioned.

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Will try giving you some crit .. but let me first say im not a big muse tbh.. so some of this stuff may be well wrtitten but still don't really catch my attention much heh ^^

Intro/preverse.. I guess the piano is working okay, but it don't really do anything for me.. also turn the choir down alot ! :p..

When the drums kick in it at riff 1 it starts to get more nterresting..

Anyone else started singing the chorus to somebody's watching me (http://youtube.com/watch?v=Uu1RP34FLXU) when the vocal melodi kicked in at the verse ? .. Other then I can't stop relating the first few notes to that song, it okay

I love the chorus.. its really catchy. just the stuff I like .. also good transition riff..

again decent piano.. some okay soloing in solo 1/2 .. I can imagine this would sound really relaxed and cool with real instruments. .

if you fixed some of the problem with the parts already mentioned by the other posters, Im sure it could be very nice. my favorit part was the chorus heh

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Hmm... now that you mention it, that first little verse vocal does sound like Somebody's Watching Me.

Also, all the red bars were me just being too lazy to add in the extra rests. Sorry about that. The piano intro probably needs a guitar solo in the background too, to make it more interesting. I played it for one of my friends and he said it sounded more like something Journey would play... uh-oh. Anyway, thanks for the criticisms so far. I might try to do a non-midi version through FL Studio or something later on.