I just wondered where you can purchase wireless guitar - amp things like Angus uses

Also how much would it cost for a "decent" one?
Guitar center, lots of websites aswell such as musicians friend. Any website that sells guitar/music equipment will have wireless. You should only really purchase it if you are gigging, its not necessary if u just play in your bedroom and stuff.
any guitar store, or ebay would be good too. i'd say $250 at the least, and the very best rack ones can get up to thousands of dollars
Now officially has too much gear to list

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^, and even then if u dont have rly long cables and run like mad around the stage, like Angus. And most ppl agree with Neil Young, who never uses wireless, b/c Transistors (the wireless) ruins sound, and is why we brought back analog tube amps.
And analog>digital.
lamb of god say they use the wirless to get some more distrotion.
ibanez rg 270

spider III 210