What is your favorite fast food place based on taste, value, etc. I just went to Taco Bell and spent less than 5 dollhairs on my meal so I'm a happy panda right now. What's your favorite? I only have American fast food choices on the poll because I don't know of any foreign fast foods.
Peepee on yo tittays
wuh? am i seeing double??
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isnt there already a thread on this.. like 5 minutes ago it was posted or something

i guess ill be first to say subway.. AGAIN
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mmmm i love taco bell
i have to say thats my favorite
i always get the crunch wrap supreme

ive found my lost twin

Srsly, they lace the burrito's with crack, I guarentee it.
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Of course it's real, just like everything else you see on TV.

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By far the most mathematical post ever on UG.

I am quite the mathmatician...not..

Me playing guitar...or is it?!?!?!
its all about the chalupas man, the chalupas.
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