Yesterday was the first show that me and my band played at. It went great except the fact that my small e string broke during my first 4 chords and that during the last song the top E string(wich is tuned in D) broke . I continued playing like nothing happened and it went good. I used Dean Markley, nickelsteel electric, signature series and their size 12. I want to change brand, so which brand would you suggest me?
DR handwounds. they're the ****.
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How old were the strings? 12's really shouldn't break like that. I suggest D'addario. Great tone, slick feel, and they last long.
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If u use 12's for tuning to Drop D(e-B-G-D-A-D), ur strings are too thick. Try 10's.
If ur tuning a whole step down, the try 11's.
Ernie Balls are good strings, so are D'Addario XL's.
i've used nothing but D'addarios, i change mine every 2-3 weeks, i practice 2-6 hours daily, so they get worn out, and now that i think about it, ive only broken one string ever with them
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It's not the brand of strings you're using - it's your guitar. Your low E should never be breaking, unless the strings are REALLY really old... Sounds to me like your bridge is set way too high. I'm guessing its an economy model guitar that came with a crappy set up. You probably want to take it into a decent local luthier and have him set it up.

As far as which brand you "should" be using...totally a matter of personal preference, try a bunch of sets and see what you like.
yeah^ on my first guitar i broke E strings a lot, before i started with D'addario, and it turned out to be a faulty saddle, so i had to have that replaced, the amount which i broke low E's was insane, it was like 9 over 3 months
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All strings get old and break eventually. Try changing like a week before a show, or bringing a spare guitar with you just incase a string breaks.
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i change mine every 2-3 weeks

That's excessive.
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That's excessive.

Not if he needs to that often. If his hands sweats a lot or something, he might have to. It differs from person to person. My strings usually last 2-3 months if not more.
i used to break A, and D strings quite a bit and occassionally the E strings. It is to do with age a lot because i used to just keep strings on for years cos i had no money and they broke often! whereas if you change them every couple of months they are fine.
However most pro bands will use a new set of strings every gig.

My other suggestion is loosen the strings just slightly lower than in tune. Ive often found that when i play the string goes up in pitch (therefore tension on the string has increased) cos im striking them quite hard with the plectrum. this obviously makes them more prone to snapping too.

As for brand of strings D'Addarios are pretty damn solid. i used to use fender 9's but changed to D'Addario 9's then 10's and i aint had any strings snap since!
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I use DR's and I've never had one break on me. Just as a test once, After a set of strings wore out, I took my high e string, (which is a 9 guage by the way) and tried to cut it with a friggin KNIFE (and it's literally sharp as a razor) and the string didn't break.

All this aside, I don't think this is the correct forum for this, probably should go in gear and Accessories.


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i've used nothing but D'addarios, i change mine every 2-3 weeks, i practice 2-6 hours daily, so they get worn out, and now that i think about it, ive only broken one string ever with them

yes, i use d'addarios for my classical and steel string, but i use super slinkys for for my electric and haven't broken one yet.
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That's excessive.

not really, i know guys who do it every week, im pretty laid back about my strings based on how much i practice
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My strat and Cort CL 1500 get new strings every gig, no matter what. They get played the most, if I try to play a 2nd gig on a set of strings I will snap one. It's not bridge problems in my case, I play hard and have oils and enzymes in my hands the strings don't like, they rarely make it halfway through the 2nd night. The other guitars get new strings every other gig, the acoustic can make it 4 or 5 nights then I change them since it's only used for a couple of songs usually, but I warm up on it almost every time.

If you're breaking wound strings, at the bridge every time, the bridge saddles have burrs and need to be smoothed. I've had to do that on several of my guitars. I got both the Squier Strat and Peavey Patriot used, both broke high E strings in no time, I'd rarely make it all night at a gig, I was playing 3 guitars at the time and swapping fairly often.. A little sanding and buffing on the bridge saddles and they both work perfect now.

It's not the brand, it's either very old strings or burrs in the bridge saddles if you're breaking strings too often. I would never chance a gig with strings more than a week old, I want the best sound I can get and don't want to break strings. I've used Dean Markley Blue Steel strings for around 15 years, but the music store here quit selling them after they got a half dozen sets rusted when still new in the package, so I'm using generic store brand nickel wounds right now, until I can get hooked up with another band and start ordering them by the case...

I take 6 electrics onstage, an acoustic and a lap steel. That's a lot of strings to change but I use a couple in standard tuning, one in open G, one in open D and one in drop D. I refuse to re-tune onstage between songs (I hate that when I go see a band, it's very un-professional) and I tend to knock a guitar out of tune after 3 songs or so, and I want another guitar ready so I can just grab one that's in tune, and I want the different sounds too. There is a big difference in sound from several of my guitars, the Strat is great for a full, deep sound and the Peavey Patriot is a very clean, bright, chiming sound while the Cort is a hollow body and two humbuckers, completely different sound. If any one has old strings they won't last the night, so no guitar ever goes more than 2 nights on a set of strings.

Playing at home you can get by with old strings until one breaks, but you're not onstage and in a bind if one breaks. Onstage, I always recommend no more than 2 gigs. Your hands have oils, salt and enzymes that corrode strings, not to mention the dead skin and grunge mashed into the strings during the night. After 2 gigs they will probably start getting corroded and will start to sound dull, why would you compromise your sound to get another night out of a set of strings? I won't do it, I want the very best sound I can get and I don't want to break a string, which always happens right in the middle of a favorite lead...so I bite the bullet and change them quite often. Call that excessive, but I haven't broken a string onstage in at least 5 years.
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