Ok, I've been trying to find a good program to record myself playing the guitar and singing, and i just can't find a good one.

Obviously i need a free program i can just download on the internet, or err..maybe...*cof* a crackable one *cof*...

I've already tried a bunch of mixcrafts, but i cant burn them onto a CD or mix them down to a mp3 file.

Please help.


PS: Obviously, I already have a mic, and a laptop.
I use audacity. But other that that nothing comes to mind.
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or you just get a mac but since youre looking for free. i cant help ya there. my bro uses sumthin but i have no idea what it is
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I use audacity. But other that that nothing comes to mind.

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Audacity - a great, free recording program where you can record the line in and microphone inputs, among other things. You can export as WAV, MP3 or OGG.
Thanks guys, i got audacity... its kinda ugly and such, but works fine.

rock on!!!

...now i just have to figure out how to close this thread... hmm...