as i watch the world burn down
the questions surface
how much longer can i survive?
as the flames rise
the smoke fills my eyes

i break the surface for one last time
somehow i see through lifes lies
my lungs fill, now i see the sky
and the light floods my vision
now through open eyes

i finally realize
how i've sank so very far
how we've grown so much apart
as the sky meets my eyes
it gently shows me
the things i left behind up there
are so unreachable

now i hold no illusions
so many other places ive been
yet all to one destination
like everyday in a life
counting down to execution

you knew what i would become
you know what my mistakes have done
i cough black smoke and drink of corruption
and now that i've gained new vision
i cover my eyes
such a failure
such a disfigured life

you turn it around
so vast a wasteland
surpassed so suddenly
no more empty space between us
now its you and me
i feel the wait of guilt
my heart pulls my face to the ground
i open my eyes
the flames are gone
i see the sky, and it seems empty
now that you're here

We're only strays.