I'm in a three-piece band, and I share vocals with my drummer. He recently bought a kickass set, and with the weather getting colder we have moved into his basement (where the set is even louder). When we were in his garage we could use two little guitar practice amps for vocals, but with the bigger drum set and the smaller space that isn't going to work out anymore. A guy on Craigslist is offering

1 Peavey m3000 power amp
1 Peavey 15" PA speaker
A PA head

For $100. Those are all the details given. I've already emailed him and asked for pictures, but until then, can UG tell me if this is what I need to run two mics for vocals? I'm new to PA systems and don't know if there's a part missing or something like that.

PS: I wish I knew what he meant by "PA head", probably a mixer, but I'm not sure.
Make sure it's got more than one input if you need two vocals
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