ok so i searched and i didn't find anything...

is there any reason to play a power chord with your middle finger on the root, ring on the 5th, and pinky on the octave? basically just leaving the index finger free? i'm about 95% positive i saw daniel kessler of interpol play power chords like that a few nights ago at their show...and i have no idea why. i can't figure out a reason for it, so it's been kinda bugging me...
Why not? 95% of ALL musicians must play them like that too.
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hmm interesting.. i have never seen them played like that. it seems like it would be more practical though
play em however you want man, each way's got its benefits, i'm you can work them out for yourself. for that example though... maybe he just learned ****ed up? or he could be saving it for lower strings although i dont really see a point to that. check out his song tabs and see if he plays any wierd notes off powerchords like that