Alright, so this is my second finished funk-rock song for my newest band. This one draws influence almost entirely from RATM, and the outro almost sounds too much like Rage, but tell me what you think. Crit for crit as always.
Funk__Metyal Galore.zip
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Nice stuff you've got there. Not quite my style, but definitely original. I liked the organ, you should develop that. And the outro riff deserves a song of its own.

Thanks, man. The oragn actually was just some dicking around, but I forgot to take it out. Maybe I will mess around with it.
I like it !..

it can get kinda of boring.. but I totally believe that is the lag of vocals fault + it being midi :p.

Some funky riffing !.. also I like some of the organ stuff.. you should definitely mess around some more with it .

but yeah, it does sound a lot like RATM.. and the problem with this style, is that you almost can't play it before people scream ratm ripoff.

good job

(feel free to check some of mine out.. link in signature )
Pretty interesting alright. My only criticism would be that.....It dosent really sound like Funk-Rock at all, im sorry.

Very good though, and obviously RATM influenced. Good job.
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I loved the riff starting at meas. 12 and 17 and i loved the 9/8 section and the outro. Well done. Cant really say anything bad about this one, except that i like 'funk rock out the wazoo' more. Oh and like i said on the other one, this would be really great with a solo.

Do you listen to any Steve Morse era Deep purple? The whole thing up until bar 59 sounded a lot like them.