Poll: Which subject is most useful?
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History/Social studies
11 12%
45 51%
13 15%
26 29%
38 43%
11 12%
Elective arts(Music,painting,photos..)
15 17%
Foreign languages
18 20%
23 26%
6 7%
Voters: 89.
When I say useful, it is directly related to future income. For example even though music is best for my soul, it is not good for money. So I wouldn't pick Music.

I think Maths and computer programming, because they are used almost every field, even top Wal-Street companies ( DE Shaw, Renaissance) only look for people who are good at Maths and Problem solving, they don't give **** about business majors.
English and Language skills. In Canada at least you must have a grade 12 university English credit to apply for ANY university..
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In a recent survey, the only degree courses at British universities that outdid computing science for earning potential were medicine, dentistry and vet medicine.
Take from that what you will.
The only neccessary education is knowledge of the streets home boy.
the only trouble i would say you would have about computing is that although a lot of employers look for it, almost every man and his dog are trained in it to some degree. hell i do a business studies course and i have a module in basic computer programming.
Where the **** is engineering?

Really, what on earth were you thinking?

And computer science might be good, but all other IT related courses are junk - graduates from them will be outdone by math, science and engineering majors.
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It's always appealing to see neglect to the English language.

Just look at chavs who speak worse English than foreigners! And who doesn't love chavs?
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they are used everywhere so its easy to get a job involving them.

they will also be around forever.

I'm learning to be a movie editor which is all done on computer these days...news, movies...everything.
Social studies are good for everyday stuff and trying to understand people. Didn't tick it because history is not as useful (imo). People never learn from their mistakes, no matter how many times they make them. History is very important otherwise for understanding where we are today.
I think Maths and Sciences are important in jobs and in the way you think, helping your mind to grow and helping you to think in a logical manner.
Don't know what LA is.
Computer tech is the least important imo. Computers are a waste of time, so is technology. We could do everything the same without computers but it was more fun!
Gym is very important in relaxing, enjoying leisure time and keeping fit! Keep fit and you look good, feel good.
arts are nice and are nice for the beautiful things in the world. We need these but they're not essential for everyone to be good at. You will just do them if you want to.
Languages are useful and needed if you want to get about the world/communicate with a wide range of people.
business/economics is always important. We need to trade services, duh!

If you wanna know which are best for YOU then I dunno.
At , they told me that you don't even need a Music GCSE, but an English one is preffered, just for the coursework in the courses.
Depends what you do, but computers are important. They are the present and the future for many years to come. Mathss and English are also very useful. As will foreign language with people travelling more and if you work in business, meeting foreign companies. Plus the chinese are becoming a superpower by making almost anything, so would be a good language to know. History is useful to make sure people don't make the same mistakes and it's good to know how the world/countries became messed up.
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There was an article in the paper last week about how much each subject adds to your salary on average. Law was the most, almost 20%, if I remember correctly.
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business sounds the most useful
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With the fast growing of China, Foreign Languages is a must.
And with the upcoming wars (lack of oil, water, resources...), also economics and social studies.

i put maths but i think some foreign language certainly helps your cause too.
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