I was in a pawn shop yesterday and picked up this BC Rich Bronze Mockingbird and played around with it a while. It was kind of a red-orange color, and I think it had that metallic shine paint job. It had one bridge pickup, so one control knob, and strings that felt and sounded pretty new. It was priced at $199.99, does this sound reasonable? I tried looking around on the internet but couldn't find anything like it so I've got nothing to guess with.

I'm not looking for anything expensive or great, but if what I've described sounds like $200, let me know. I think I can probably get it for $150, which I think they got it for, or they could've gotten it for less, in which case I might be able to get it that cheap. Just let me know what you think about this deal.
personally i wouldnt just because i hate BC rich's, but if u like em its ur choice
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I like BC riches, get it as cheap as you can though. they're lovely guitars, but they're as cheap as muck unless you want like handbuilt USA quality ones.
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my nehibor has a bronze series..its a total pile of crap..
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Well now I believe I'll stay away from it. I like the way it looks, but if it's a pile of crap like everyone says then I think I'll save my money for a really high quality one. btw, why did the words 'pawn shop' turn red? I don't think I did that.
Ah, it must have been from searching it. Sorry about that, but thanks for the help.
brinze series are only like $230 brand new, and that's a rip off
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