We played our very first gig last night as a band. We totally loved it. Unfortunately we had to stop since the neighbours were complaining and the cops came to warn us. This is only the second half of a song, got the very best of it anyways. I'm the taller one on the right, starting off the 1st solo.

C4C as always. Enjoy!

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Sounded good but it wasnt metal....it was rock and some of the solo was out of key but hey it was shred and sounds impressive anyhow.

Some cool riffs in there too.

Good sound quality and the drummer sounds good.

No vocals?


Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Thanks for the crits!

Yeah, we weren't sure what genre to put it under. Metal, Rock... ?!? ah what the hell with the genres.

Some parts in both of our solo modulate to different keys, just to add some colour. My first one goes from Myxolydian to Ionian.

No vocals as of yet. We're currently trying out a singer, his influences are mostly progressive such as Dream Theater, Rush and Yes. It should be interesting once we get some lyrics on there!

Keep 'em coming!