Recently i have felt the need for learning some music theory. So i spent some time and now i understand intervals(to some extent), how to find note names all around the neck, major scales, minor scales, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, and i know a lot of chords. But besides the pentonic scales and chords i dont really know how to incorporate this knowledge into my playing. An example of this is, i know that pentanonics are a great building block for improvising and coming up with solos, but musically i dont know how to make it sound "correct". From my understanding its best to keep things in the same key, but how come so many solos go from like say E minor pentatonic to a totaly different one? I think for the most part im just confused, but i really want to learn music theory to the best of my ability and use it to make music. If anyone can help explain it to me a little better, and explain the key's thing i mentioned eailer i will appreciate it very much. Thank you
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yeah i have sort of the same problem as you, i dont really know where to go with the knowledge
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You'll be amazed at how many solos actually stay in one key - the trick is choosing the right notes to play over the underlying chords, that's what makes it interesting. From a purely technical point of view your phrasing is all-important, there's a hundred ways of playing a note.
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